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No matter what fuel you need to heat your home, produce hot water, cook, or barbeque, we’ve got you covered. Our local team will deliver heating fuels with no delivery charges, no tank rental fees or set up fees, no contracts…. No surcharges, or fees of any kind. And, we don’t charge you to repair our tanks should they need it. We take care of all of that. The ONLY thing you pay for is your fuel, period.

We also refill propane tanks for your barbecue grills or cooking at all of our ten local offices. 

We Deliver:
Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil provides effective heating for your home or business. It is clean, safe, and efficient. Fuel oil burns 90 percent cleaner than it did 40 years ago. Also, home heating oil systems last twice as long as other fuel system.

Propane (LPG)

Propane is energy-efficient, clean fuel. Our highly trained Propane Technicians will perform a complete test of your system, and review safety and operational items with you after your system is completely installed. We also refill propane tanks for your barbeque grills or cooking at all of our ten local offices.


Kerosene is very energy efficient and significant heat can be produced from minimal amounts of fuel. It’s safe, economical and efficient for indoor use, but be sure to have adequate air ventilation. 

What Kind Of Fuel Do You Need For Your Home?

If you’ve purchased a home that has an existing heating system, it’s likely your system uses fuel oil or propane to heat your home.  You may also use kerosene for cooking or space heaters but be sure to have adequate ventilation and fresh air if you use it. At E & V Energy, we deliver these fuels and more, with no tank rental fees, no delivery fees or surcharges of any kind. 

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Preferred Customer Account Plan

Sign up for our Preferred Customer Account Plan and receive:

  • Automatic Delivery - no need to check your fuel gauge
  • Know in advance what you'll pay and when payment is due
  • Same as cash discount on every gallon of fuel
  • No large heating bills after December holidays
  • Add our Service Club heating system coverage and eliminate surprise repair bills
  • No membership fees
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Assistance Programs

Federal and state energy assistance programs are available to heating oil consumers who have financial need.  The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal program that distributes funds to states to help low-income households pay heating bills. Additional state energy assistance and fuel fund programs may be also available to help households during a winter emergency.

Find out if you qualify for these services:

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance


When you install qualifying high-efficiency equipment, you may be eligible for rebates. We assist our customers in reviewing all rebate programs to see if your equipment will qualify. Have questions? We’re here to help! NYSEG, RGE and National Fuel customers are eligible to save anywhere from $75 up to hundreds of dollars on qualifying equipment, including furnaces, boilerswater heaters, Wi-Fi thermostats and more. Contact your local office to get started!