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We Love New York Farms!

Your farm relies on energy every day, and you deserve to do business with a local company that cares. Your farm is also often where your home is, and at E & V Energy, our local team can deliver heating fuels, motor fuels and diesel fuels with no delivery charges, no tank rental fees or set up fees, no contracts…. No surcharges, or fees of any kind. And, we don't charge you to repair our tanks should they need it. We take care of all of that. The ONLY thing you pay for is your fuel, period.

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We Deliver:
Fuel Oil

Fuel oil provides effective heating for your home or business. It is clean, safe, and efficient. Fuel oil burns 90 percent cleaner than it did 40 years ago, and residential fuel oil makes up 33 percent of total emissions in the U.S. Also, home heating oil systems last twice as long as other fuel systems. The average lifespan of an oil heat appliance is about 30 years when properly maintained.

Propane (LPG)

Propane is energy-efficient, clean fuel. Our highly trained Propane Technicians will perform a complete test of your system, and review safety and operational items with you after your system is completely installed. We also refill propane tanks for your barbeque grills or cooking at all of our ten local offices.


Kerosene is very energy efficient and significant heat can be produced from minimal amounts of fuel. It’s safe, economical and efficient for indoor use, but be sure to have adequate air ventilation. 

Motor Fuels

Whether you need fuel for your fleet or your equipment, we understand that you need to keep them running. We offer delivery schedule options to give you reliable service 365 days a year. 

Diesel Fuels

In the cold weather, we blend our diesel fuel for the current weather conditions, and since we’re local and from your area, we understand that means in New York! You can also choose to customize your blend of diesel fuel. 

Diesel Fuel & Gasoline

Whether you need diesel fuel or gasoline for on-road or off-road commercial needs, we’ll make sure you have what you need to keep the wheels turning. 

Please check with the office nearest you for fuel options. Not all of our local offices carry gasoline.

We’ll deliver your on-road/off road fuel with our no delivery fees or surcharges of any kind with our No Fee Guarantee! Click here to find out more!

What Kind Of Heating Fuel Should You Use?

We recommend fuel oil for our farm customers with indoor storage tanks that are insulated from extremely cold temperatures. Kerosene is recommended for our customers with outdoor storage tanks, it will continue to flow through oil lines and filters even in very low temperatures where fuel oil would “gel up” and stop flowing. Propane has long been known as an energy-efficient, clean fuel. E & V Energy’s highly trained propane technicians take the time to review a list of safety and operational items with our customers.

Competitive Fuel Prices With No Fees

 Whether you need heating or motor fuels, or heating and air conditioning services, you can be sure everything we do is 

Done Local, Done Right!