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We have always used E&V Energy for our heating fuel and propane. They are efficient and trustworthy. We would not get our services from anyone else

Duane B.

I would like to recommend E&V energy to all concerned. I feel completely confident in the staff of this energy company. The staff is very reliable, quick to respond to questions or problems, and quick to fix any and all problems in the system, no matter how minor or major. I pay the monthly upkeep bill, and have enjoyed the confidence provided by knowing that all conditions are prepaid.

Jane C. Newman
Cortland, NY

In autumn 2010, my old inefficient furnace developed a crack. I called E&V Energy and made an appointment to discuss my options for installing a new furnace. Several discounts and rebates were offered, and I found it was affordable to also install central air conditioning. E&V loaned me two new space heaters to keep me warm until the new unit could be installed. The new furnace is about half the size of the old unit, runs quietly, and is 99.5% efficient. They installed a new thermostat, as well, that is easy to operate and maximizes my energy savings. Since then, my power bills have been cut in half, and I have paid it off in three years with no interest. The new furnace has paid for itself, and my home value has increased. Ed Brown was very knowledgeable and made the transition easy.

Thank You E&V!
J. Soucy

E&V is an excellent customer service provider. Delivery, maintenance, and equipment are of outstanding quality. I don’t use google, facebook, or any of those outfits. I’m too damn old to learn that stuff. I just want to tell you I’m happy with everything I interface with as far as E&V. I think Matt, Kelly, Rob, Ed, Clark and Henry as well as the Geneva office staff are superior to all my past suppliers.

William Winburn

We are very pleased with are service and deliveries. When I call on the phone with a question, they are very helpful and courteous.

Ken and Denise France

I am VERY pleased with the service, product and pricing that I receive from your company. After doing business with Suburban (Agway) for well over 30 years and having many problems, it is a pleasure doing business with you. The employees at the Auburn branch are very polite and helpful. Delivery is prompt and the man that services my furnace does a great job. I tell all my friends, too! Thanks for letting me praise your great company!

Charlene Sciortino

January 20, 2014

In 2003, we built a new addition on the back of our home, significantly extending our living space. E&V Energy was contracted to install a new oil furnace sized to heat the entire area and install the new duct system into the addition. The project moved along and was completed in a timely manner.

The first winter, we noticed that the kitchen and back bedroom in the addition were too cold all the time. It was a few degrees colder in the addition, consistently. We did not get around to calling E&V Energy back to address the cooler area or to service the furnace.

In the fall of 2013, we had no heat on the furnace. This prompted us to get the heating issue resolved. A call was placed to E&V and a technician responded. The heat was started back up and an appointment was scheduled to do the “annual” maintenance, which was way over due. We also told the tech about the cooler area.

Ed Brown responded to the comfort concerns and realized he was the original installer in 2003. A plan to modify the addition’s ductwork was put in place and the current installation crew completed the work. Some ducts were modified in the crawlspace and an additional heat run was added in the kitchen. All of these changes were done at no additional cost!

During the last few weeks when the outdoor temps were below zero with 20-30 MPH winds, the addition is toasty warm!! We are glad that E&V Energy is not a typical contractor and stood behind their work.

Mr. & Mrs. M.
Weedsport, NY 13166

We have used E&V for our oil delivery and cleaning for the past 4 years or so, and the people who have come to our house have consistently been great. They are knowledgeable and nice, always working to help us save some money and keep our old furnace alive for one more season. When our furnace finally failed, we didn’t hesitate to ask them to install our new one, and we were glad we did. A representative came to the house, consulted with us, took lots of measurements and stats to help figure out what size and type of furnace would be best for our house, and really took his time with us. He helped with financing, and it was just an easy and pleasant experience. The team that came to install the furnace was top notch; the finished the whole project by early afternoon, and left the space totally clean, better then it was when they arrived! They took the time to explain how best to use the thermostat, and walked us through all the work that they had done. A week or so later, I got a nice letter and gift from the president of E&V thanking us for giving them our business. A small gesture, but somehow it meant a lot. I didn’t think companies like this existed anymore! Old fashioned customer service from people who really know their jobs and genuinely care about keeping you warm and saving you money. What a great organization. Thanks E&V!

Rick F.
Freeville, NY 13068


Dear Sir,

First, thanks for our gift, we will enjoy it.

Thanks for the really great service — we have appreciated the excellent work done by your staff. They have been kind and thorough and professional — such a joy!

We were serviced by Rich, Mike, Dan and Bob. We purchased an air conditioner unit and were educated about radiant heat. You can be proud. Looking forward to additional service.

Carole O & Mary Ann D

Joseph N. had a Mitsubishi air conditioner installed 8/30/12.

He asked that I pass along how happy he is with the unit and with how Rich only stated what was true about the unit, and was not in it ‘just for the sale’. He was also very happy with the 2 installers (Dan M. and Mike S.) and how professional they were.