Heating Fuels


We recommend fuel oil for our customers with indoor storage tanks that are insulated from extreme cold temperatures. Kerosene is recommended for our customers with outdoor storage tanks. Kerosene will continue to flow through oil lines and filters even in very low temperatures where fuel oil would “gel up” and stop flowing.



Propane has long been known as an energy-efficient, clean fuel.¬†E&V Energy’s¬†highly trained Propane Technicians add another benefit to the mix: peace of mind. When our Propane Technicians install a propane system for one of our customers, they perform a complete test of the entire propane system. Their tests ensure that the system is safe to operate. Our Technicians also take the time to review a list of safety and operational items with our customers once the system is completely installed.



Kerosene is an oil byproduct used as a fuel and heat source. With an increased interest in emergency preparedness, kerosene has become a strong alternative to electric heating. Kerosene heaters can keep you warm in the event of a power outage. It’s very energy efficient and significant heat can be produced from minimal amounts of fuel, compared with other heating sources such as wood or coal.

Kerosene is safe, economical and efficient for indoor use, but make sure there’s adequate fresh air ventilation.