Client Success Story in Baldwinsville, NY.

ThVillage of Baldwinsville is located in the Towns of Lysander and Van Buren. It is named after Dr. Baldwin and his wife Eliza who visited the area in 1798, returning to settle in 1808 to start the community. Dr. Baldwin built a dam across the Seneca River to generate energy and a private canal to keep the integrity of the water highway. It incorporated in 1848 as the Village of Baldwinsville.

It’s here that Mr. Ruddock, an Architect, designed and built his house about 20 years ago. The main home was built first and then a large addition was added to the back – both connected to the same heating system. On the initial Home Comfort Consultant visit, Mr. Ruddock expressed concerns of the rear addition not heating/cooling evenly since it was constructed and some whistling/noise at the main return grilles in the main home. He was also concerned of the age of the existing furnace and that the main heat exchangers had already been replaced a few years ago. A full evaluation of the home was performed with a heat loss/gain calculation and ductwork layout review. It was found that the furnace size was correct but that the main ductwork at the furnace was not designed to maximize the airflow thru the system and to the addition. After some discussion and contemplation – the Ruddocks decided to move forward with a Trane XV95 – 2 stage, variable speed furnace. The 2 stages or levels of heating in the furnace helped to heat the house more evenly. The variable speed fan allows the furnace fan to adjust for the needs in whichever cycle we are running in – heat or AC – and mix the home air better than the old system. The installation team also rerouted some of the main ductwork near the furnace to vastly improve the airflow. Their high efficiency media air filter was reused, as it functions correctly. A Trane XL824 color touchscreen WIFI thermostat was also installed for maximum control, even when the homeowners are not home!

The homeowners have already, in a short time, noticed even and consistent temperatures throughout the different areas. The system is much quieter – there is no more whistling.

The new Trane system will result in reductions in their energy bills.