Client Success Story at Mills Family Home in Sodus, NY.

The Township of Sodus is located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in northern Wayne County. Late last year, a son of one of our longtime customers bought the home from his mother and called us to give recommendations for heating upgrades. The home is an old horse track clubhouse from the mid 1800s that was converted into a residence in the early 1900s. At the time, it had a one zone fuel oil boiler that E&V Energy installed about 15 years prior. The cast iron radiators and large black iron water piping were all original from the time the building was converted into a home. All the piping in the basement was in very poor condition from the passage of time and moisture in this typical in this area. The one thermostat did not allow for an even temperature in all of the areas of the home.

The new owner has plans of converting the home into a 3 suite bed and breakfast and needed to upgrade the heating system for this purpose. Our Home Comfort Consultant visited the home and with the homeowners goals, came up with recommendations and a final plan. A Bosch Greenstar 95% efficient modulating natural gas heating boiler was installed with 4 heating zones. All of the original cast iron radiators were reused to keep the original feel of the home with all of the piping replaced with new PEX piping. The small diameter PEX replaces the large, very old, leaky piping.

The individual zones allow for each guest to have complete control of their comfort during their stay which should make them very happy!

In addition, a Rinnai 95% efficient tankless water heater replaced an old electric water heater. The new system is sized for the full hot water needs of the 3 bedroom suites, along with the kitchen and miscellaneous needs. The modulating capability of the Rinnai allows for the system to ramp up to a high level as the hot water demands increase – like when all guests are showering on a weekend morning. The unit is idle or at a low level normally during the day/night.

In our estimates the homeowner will save 40-50% on their annual energy costs while being more comfortable in the process!